About The Savvy Creator, OG

*cue music"  'Fresh Outta Jersey, born and raised, Atlanta is where I spend most of my days." OG is a 80s and 90s (Black) culture loving artist and self-proclaimed tomboy who loves to create and daydream. Acrylic paint on canvas or digital art has become her medium of choice these days. She is influenced and inspired by the strength and beauty of Black women much like herself. She dibbles and dabbles in other art styles but prefers her cartoony-semi realistic style. 

OG has created illustrations for various businesses and brands, including candle companies, clothing brands and personal brands to name a few. She has also been hired as a Paint Party instructor and is a Army Vet (fun fact!)

Her role as The Savvy Creator is to help other artists and creatives see their potential beyond just painting a canvas or creating a sketch. The purpose is to build a sustainable and enjoyable brand and business doing what you love.


OG is based in Atlanta, Georgia and is also the owner of an event decor and prop business by the name of By Propular  Demand as well as an online art gallery by the name of BKNK Galleries

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